What Comes First EP

by March of the Real Fly

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released May 16, 2013

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Tim Fitz.
Art by Samantha Mullavey

All music by March of the Real Fly © 2013



all rights reserved


March of the Real Fly Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Fossil Dreams
You and me, like fossil dreams
All we know is what we've seen
I'm so far I can't go home
And all it seems are fossil dreams
Could it be that we are not
Anything more than ribs and mud?
Track Name: KRCS
You're like some deceased friend of mine
I swear I see you all the time
I've got your CDs on my stack
They plead with me to take them back
Your hair cut it hurts me to see
You're everything you used to be
And for want of a better lyric
I'm missing you, I'm thinking that
Cause I'm lost in your eyes
And I never want you to see
You're everything to me
I guess that it's best, I confess
Keeping regrets cryptic secrets
So I'll say this last thing in verse
I'm missing you but that's obvious
Track Name: Those Trees
I've been an idiot
I've been bad
How can any one person ever suck so bad?
What do you want from me?
Some kind of human being?
I'm a self-centered centipede
On adrenalin, try'n find my feet
Cause I think that I am ready to see
Myself hanging on to any of those trees
I've been thinking things
Three cheers for me, 123 yeah!
I've been round those trees
Seems they're my destiny
What are you saying to me?
Is it some kind of poetry?
Well I can't read, too dumb to speak
These trees will be representing me
Track Name: Angel In The Snow
I bet you make the perfect angel in the snow
All bloodied and by yourself, you know
All that shows, dead amigo
Just hide and hold your gun tight
You are on your own, all alone
Cause I think your time is on the blink
Wait and think inside the kitchen sink
Everyone sings along
To every deathening song
I wanna cap a few
I'm shooting my best for you
Quick run outside, you'll be alright
No one knows where you go
Cause I think you'd make the perfect peasant
In a row shot down in snow
Track Name: Started Peacefully
I want you to know my words before I go
I wrote them long before
I ended up no more
I started peacefully, an apple on a tree
I'm starting to feel shaky
I'm breaking from my leaf
It's somewhat disturbing
The sound of birds singing
When you know you are not
The one who deserves it
I'm writing epitaphs like I'm signing autographs
I'm digging my own grave
So you'll have some time to save
You can listen to these songs
Have a good time and then go home
But for me it's not that easy
I have to live these songs forever